Saturday, October 22, 2016

GREAT FUTURES START HERE Aberdeen area Boys & Girls Club

Re/Max Preferred Choice joins the Aberdeen Area Boys & Girls Club in their fundraising campaign for the construction of their new building.

"We have $4.625 pledged of our $5.2 million project.
Re/Max Preferred Choice Appreciation
We will begin the final phase of our campaign by having our members hang the 5,000 door hangers that were donated to our campaign by RE/Max Preferred Choice. This will serve as a general reminder on our campaign and what is needed to complete the fundraising portion. It is partners like RE/MAX that have helped our campaign along and that will get it done for us in the end".

Michael P. Herman, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Aberdeen Area

In 1940, the current building was used for the Works Progress Administration. Today it houses hundreds of kids for the Boys and Girls club of Aberdeen. And the new building should be a bigger, better and safer facility for the kids.  Every weekday at three, the Club's vans head out to Aberdeen schools and bring back 250 kids to the club house, a place that can only hold 150 without getting crowded

The new facility takes care of that.

"It's a state of the art facility, we're going to have a
state of the art kitchen and dining facility that we can serve out of," says Michael Herman, the executive director. "A gymnasium that isn't in the basement and we won't have problems in the winter and spring."

Plans for the new building began about four years

ago. Donations have rolled in ever since. Today, they're about $600 Thousand away from their goal.

"The community has been very, very supportive in our capital campaign," says Herman. "We're excited for the fact that we're going to be able to let out bids sometime in the end of February and hopefully begin construction in the early summer."

The club took over the space in 1970, and the age of the building shows. The gym deals with water during heavy rains, and the building isn't completely handicap accessible. "We have a room upstairs and the boys bathroom is downstairs, so its very hard for some

kids to go upstairs and downstairs," says Courtney Webber, the front desk supervisor of the club. The club began with 80 kids, and that has only multiplied over the years, a testament to how important it is, that the club thrives.

"We have a great group of capital campaign leaders and a great group of board members and staff that will ensure that this project goes forward," says Herman. A special thanks goes out to the people at Re/Max for all of their work and effort in helping make this building a reality.

                About the Club

The Boys & Girls Club of Aberdeen Area believes every child has the capacity to succeed and achieve greatness. Our aspirations reflect this belief by providing an environment where members can achieve:

A positive self-identity: being connected to the club
provides a feeling of safety, allowing Club members the freedom to develop their self-confidence. Youth are happy and have a strong belief in their self-worth, their ability to achieve and a sense of hope about their future. They are adept at setting goals and making decisions to achieve.

A healthy lifestyle: regular fitness activities and positive healthy behaviors are an everyday part of Club life. Giving youth the tools and knowledge to make good choices about their health and personal safety allows them to engage in positive, risk-free behavior and live healthy lives.

A strong character: ethical behavior is a Club expectation. By offering programs that instill social awareness and encourage volunteerism, youth develop a moral compass enabling them to have positive interactions with others. This includes exhibiting citizenship, honesty, integrity, caring, justice and fairness.

Educational success: belief in the importance of education and the value of learning are critical to educational success. Club staff assist members to develop good habits (i.e. study skills, regular attendance, daily preparation). Proficiency in basic educational disciplines and the capacity to utilize technology give youth the motivation to pursue further educational and/or career opportunities.

Social competency: positive interaction with Club staff and peers is a key factor. Cultivating supportive relationships, along with the appreciation of cultural diversity, help Club members develop positive relationships with family, friends and coworkers.

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