Thursday, November 10, 2016

Freshen up your listing for the holidays.

by Steve Cook

Once your house looks terrific, hire a professional photographer for a new set of photos or a video to show off your house with a fire in the fireplace and an uncluttered curbside view. Work with your Realtor to redo your listing. If your house has been on the MLS all summer, pull it for thirty days during October to
reset it’s time on market “clock” on internet sites. Rewrite the listing to emphasize the home’s holiday features—entertainment spaces, fireplace, kitchen features, neighborhood festivities, access to shopping and dining.

Jingle bells? Price to sell.

When thinking about pricing your home over the holidays, remembers what the Stones advised: “You can’t always get what you want, but you can always get what you need.” When you price your house to sell over the holidays, you don’t get a second chance. Do your homework with your Realtor to find out your home’s real value and don’t go much higher. After all, buyers are looking at the same numbers. If you can’t afford to price to sell, chances are good you’ll still be trying to sell when spring arrives.

Kick start your holiday marketing before Thanksgiving.

Borrow a page from retailers who extend their most important selling season by starting their holiday advertising before Thanksgiving. You are also operating with a tight timeframe. Get your house ready, post your new listing and schedule an open house to take advantage of the free time buyers may have over the Thanksgiving holiday.
Don’t waste time with iffy offers.

Qualify every offer carefully. Blow off bottom feeders who are looking for desperate sellers. Don’t waste time with buyers who want time-wasting contingencies like Hubbard clauses. Don’t take a chance on shaky financing. Don’t take your house off the market until you are sure you have a winner.

Close quickly.

If your buyer wants to write off closing costs like real estate taxes, mortgage insurance premiums or points on their 2015 returns, they may need to close by January 1. So your buyer may be as motivated as you are to get the deal done as soon as possible. Some appraisers, inspectors, title companies or inspectors may not be willing to put in overtime in December. With the new “know before you owe” requirements, many lenders may have a very hard time closing in 3o days. That’s when having a super real estate agent with a great Rolodex can save the day.

So maybe you don’t get a great offer during the holidays. Don’t panic and pull your listing or cut your price to a fire sale level. January is not such a bad time to sell. Inventories of homes for sale hit yearly lows during January, so there’s not much competition. Buyers are scarce, but no scarcer than during the holidays. There are always motivated buyers who need to buy quickly, like families relocating for a new job or move up buyers who have sold their current homes. Often, new buyers — with their fresh New Year’s resolutions to stop wasting money on renting a home — are ready to jump into the market as soon as possible.

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