Saturday, November 18, 2017

How to Use Food to Sell Your House

by Houzz

Most of us love food. We can all appreciate fresh produce, a homemade bake and the tools we use to prepare a family feast. Food gives a house a lived-in feeling, which can be a powerful staging element when your house in on the
market. It’s important that prospective buyers can envision themselves living in your house and making it their own home. You can use food as an illustrative tool to help them paint the picture they need to seal the deal on a sale. Here’s how to entice a potential buyer’s sense of sight, smell, and touch with food in the kitchen and around the house.

Display fresh produce

Vibrant produce can provide the just-right amount of color your kitchen needs. Clean white kitchens are popular, but tiny bursts of color here and there can save the design from looking too monotone. Any fruit will do, but you can strategically choose to produce with a complementary color to your other home decor. Lemons and limes are always a fun pair while tomatoes and a cutting board of leafy greens suggest a healthy home. Pineapple has been a trendy design motif lately and its peel can add some gorgeous texture to a room. Arrange fruit in beautiful baskets or colorful bowls on the kitchen counter and dining room table. You can also find a variety of art prints and paintings of fruit and food. Hang them in the kitchen, dining room and other areas of the house for a delicious gallery.

Fill the air with homemade bakes

Is there anything more inviting than the sight and smell of a still-steaming, ready-to-eat homemade dessert? Beckon buyers in by taking a tray of cookies or the perfect pie out of the oven just in time for their tour through your warm home. Showcase your creative confections on a sleek cake stand to really wow visitors. If you don’t have time to bake, make a fresh pot of coffee 30-60 minutes before guests arrive or light a yummy scented candle. Some people are hypersensitive to smells though, so don’t go overboard. Just one of these ideas will be more than enough to give your house a subtly irresistible aroma.

Treat kitchen tools as staging props

An empty kitchen is hard to come by. In fact, it almost seems impossible to have a completely bare kitchen. Counters and tables are usually filled with food, appliances, containers, and cookbooks. Give buyers the impression of a real kitchen, not a staged one. An iconic appliance, like a candy apple red KitchenAid stand mixer, is an eye-catching detail that can make the room come to life when left out on the counter. Cozy up a clean kitchen by placing a copper kettle on the stove.

This trick works in other rooms too. Place a Pellegrino bottle on a cool coaster in the living room for a refreshing vibe or carefully carry a tray of hot cocoa to the coffee table. Pair it with a throw blanket, start up the fire and put a family-friendly movie on mute for a lovely snapshot of what life looks and feels like in your home.

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